Private Party Transfers (OR SB941)
As of August 9th, 2015 you must use an FFL if you are an Oregon resident selling to another Oregon resident
We can facilitate lawful private transfers in accordance with Oregon state law SB941
Step 1: determine prior to arrival that the buyer does in fact want the item
Step 2: set up an appointment with us where both the buyer and seller can be present at this location
Step 3: the buyer fills out a 4473 form in accordance to state and federal law
Step 4: if the background check comes back approved (usually 5-30 mins), then we log the item in our A&D book and you pay us $40 (includes the state fee) for our services. If the buyer is denied, then you both go your separate ways. 
Step 5: The buyer can now walk away with the item if approved. The payment of the item is not facilitated at our location so that's up to the buyer and seller to work out.  

We are a home based FFL and the seller should show up with the item in a case or box to minimize potential anxiety from neighbors. 
if the item is a pistol and does not feature a locking safety device in accordance to federal law, then the pistol must not leave our location without a lock. If the seller does not provide one, then the buyer can present his/her own to us for inspection. We also can provide them at the cost of $5 each if the above requirements aren't met. Rifles are not required to have a lock but we encourage their use. Our pistol locks will fit most rifles. 
We only allow the buyer and seller in the residence during the transfer. If you have a family member or friend that you brought with you, we ask that they remain in the car. This ensures a much quicker transaction with few distractions. 
Show up on time so we don't potentially have others waiting like the doctor's office. This is also much more efficient than waiting in line at a gun store waiting for someone to assist, and more economical as well.

Outgoing FFL transfers

We'll ship for you! 

If you need to ship out a firearm or receiver, we'll do the leg work! We will get the item checked in and cleared, then get in touch with the recipient's FFL and get the proper information. Once all of that is set, then we ship it off and provide you with the tracking information. You will need to provide your own packaging for rifles. 

Fees (outgoing)

The prices vary a bit depending on the shipping method. We primarily use USPS priority which ranges anywhere from $20 for flat rate with insurance + adult signature for pistols and receivers if they fit in a flat rate box, and up to $50 for rifles. We will provide you with a quote before you drop the item(s) off and will not overcharge.

Our processing fee is $20 on top of the shipping charges. 

Incoming FFL transfers

So simple and easy!

Want a transfer service that doesn't waste your time or break the bank? You've come to the right place! The firearm must be a legal firearm and you must be able to pass a background check.
Step 1: let us know the seller's email address and the auction ID or transaction number if applicable

Step 2: we provide the seller with our FFL information

Step 3: the seller ships the item(s) here

Step 4: once the item arrives, we contact you to set up an appointment to come to our location and fill out the background check paperwork, which takes an average of 5-30 minutes to receive an answer. If approved, you leave with your firearm(s) and that's it! No waiting in line at a customer counter somewhere!

Step 5: happiness! 

Fees (incoming)

$30 (includes the $10 state fee) + $5 for each additional firearm per transfer (no cap). Multiple stripped lower receivers are transferred at a discount. Due to extra work on our end, and additional $5 is charged for firearms coming form a private party when it's not shipped from an FFL.  Contact us for details

****if an item is coming from a private party and not through an FFL, an additional $5 is charged.